16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (2023)

By Isabel Croker
10th Apr 2023

If you haven’t figured out that Broadbeach is one of the Gold Coast’s central destinations for all things scrumptious, you’re doing the whole foodie thing wrong.

Surfers Paradise’s sophisticated older sister has a restaurant for any occasion, and we’re here to tell you where to go and why. Read on forour round up of the 16 best restaurants in Broadbeach in 2023,so you can plan your next food and wine binge accordingly.

Kiyomi16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (1)

Spearheaded by celebrated Executive Chef Chase Kojima, Kiyomi is perfection on a plate. Tucked discreetly away on the mezzanine level at The Star Gold Coast, this stylish Japanese eatery is dimly lit, made moodier by the candlelight, dark furnishings and warm wood feature walls. With an adventurous menu including seared scampi with foie gras, Hiramasa Kingfish miso ceviche, Wagyu flank with confit shiitake and melt-in-your-mouth sashimi platters, all dishes are prepared to look like an edible work of art. Don’t know where to start? We recommend passing the reins over and trying Kiyomi's limited-edition bento boxes—they're the stuff foodie dreams are made of. Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Broadbeach.

Sofia's Restaurant & Bar

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (2)

Sofia’s Restaurant and Bar is a homage to the dreamy tones of coastal Europe and this Italian gembrings a breath of fresh, salty sea breeze air to the Broadbeach dining scene. The magnificent share-style menu is stripped back, refined and lets the quality produce speak, nay, sing for itself. Curated by some of the Gold Coast’s most lauded culinary legends, the menu is simplistic and showcases the flavours of fresh, local produce—as well as some delectable European specialties thrown in for good measure. Oh, and the white-washed space with mirrored wall archesfilled with Aperol bottles is seriously stunning.


16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (3)

Orzo is the second eatery by lauded hospitality couple Matt and Dayna Jefferson, who have made their mark on the Gold Coast with the divine Social Eating House, so when Orzo opened its doors in early 2020, we were always confident this would be special. And we were right. Orzo brings sophisticated coastal Italian cuisine to the Gold Coast; its concise yet impressive Italian-inspired menu includes a playful smattering of Asian and native Australian ingredients to make it truly distinctive. Orzo's slurp-worthy, handmade pasta menu is simpy divine—from the cacio e pepe risotto to the roasted butterflied baby barramundi,you can't make a wrong choice. If you're on the hunt for one of the best restaurants in Broadbeach, stop the search.

Hideaway Kitchen And Bar

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (4)

The Gold Coast’s Asian food scene is oh-so-hot right now and one of our all-time favourites has got to be Broadbeach’s funky. Hidden in plain sight just off the Gold Coast Highway, don’t be dissuaded by the simplistic exterior. Inside is a vibrant mix of neon signage, graffiti, booths for groups and, out the back lies a buzzing alfresco garden with rows of colourful umbrellas suspended overhead. Hideaway’s mind-bogglingly long menu is a drool-worthy medley of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese and more. We suggest diving head first into the raw bar selections, beef tataki with garlic chips, housemade wagyu dumplings, soft shell crab bao and the pork belly with kimchi salsa. Or just order a share-style street feast for the entire table and thank us later.

Cucina Vivo16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (5)

Step past the open plan kitchen and crackling wood-fired pizza oven and you’ll be transported to a little slice of the Amalfi Coast right here in Broadbeach. We love Cucina Vivo’s on-trend ‘60s colour palette of dusty pink and seafoam blue, decorated with oversized pendant lights, plantation-style shutters and a chic white terrace overlooking The Star’s sparkling resort pool. Work your way through a menu of antipasti, wood-fired pizzas, handmade pastas and Alla Grigila mains (from the charcoal grill). Our tip? You can'tleave without trying Cucina Vivo’s legendary Chocolate Sphere—or any dessert for that matter; they’re some of the Coast’s absolute finest.

Mamasan Kitchen & Bar

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (6)

Mamasan Kitchen & Bar is Asian fusion done deliciously right. A favourite for business meetings, long boozy lunches, date nights and everything in between, Mamasan boasts the perfect blend of tradition and modern cuisine from South-East Asia. Think: flavour-packed dishes fromtwice-cooked pork belly bao to spanner crab ravioli dumplings to Peking duck pancakes to miso Patagonian Toothfish, all wrapped up in a swanky Oriental-styled package on Oracle Boulevard. Without question one of the best restaurants in Broadbeach, Mamasan is the place to be and to be seen.

Miss Moneypenny's16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (7)

Nestled in the heart of Broadbeach, Miss Moneypenny’s coastal colour palette is dreamy and the styling is elegantly timeless. From thestunning terracotta lined bar, to the walnut tables, plush leathered grey and seafoam blue couch seating—Miss Moneypenny’s is chic, grown up and very classy. Now that you've lusted over the interior, let's move onto the food. Artistically executed, work your way through moreish meals like seared Wagyu carpaccio, Hiramasa kingfish ceviche and squid ink tagliatelle. With social dining at its heart, we recommend trying Miss Moneypenny's chef's seven dish signature selection, which will have you dining on a carefully curated menu of Miss Moneypenny's signature dishes, including wagyu beef skewers, Alaskan king crab leg and strawberry pistachio fanancier.

The Loose Moose

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (8)

One of the best restaurant-meets-bar venuesin Broadbeach,if the regular crowds are anything to go by, The Loose Moose is sure to impress with one of the most mind-blowing restaurant designs in town. Inspired by the illicit underground speakeasies of America’s 1920s Prohibition era with a twist of its Canadian cousin,The Loose Mooseboasts an impressive 160 whiskies behind the bar and 25 varieties of craft beers on tap. Their soul-satisfying menu specialises in Canadian fare with wings, ribs, steaks and all of the burgers.

Gemelli Italian16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (9)

A packed dining room seven nights, plus lunch Thursday to Sunday, is a testament to the Carney brothers who introduced some of the most authentic Italian fare to the Gold Coast. Gemelli, translating to ‘twins’ in the mother tongue, is the original trattoria in the Gemelli hospitality empire and is somewhat of an institution among pizza and pasta lovers. It's the traditional recipes made with imported ingredients from Italy, passed through the generations, which are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike at their iconic Broadbeach restaurant. Come for the wood-fired pizzas, melted gnocchi bowls and loaded salumi boards, and then stay for their drool-worthy Nutella Bomba desserts.

Nineteen At The Star16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (10)

If there’s one destination that seriously nails hotel dining on the Gold Coast, it’s The Star Gold Coast, with a half dozen stellar eateries under one roof. And the crème de la crème of Gold Coast hotel restaurants is Nineteen at The Star. This is where the who’s who come for grilled Patagonian Toothfish and the signature rock lobster bolognese with glittering views of the coastline 19 floors up; and where visitors and locals splurge to celebrate that special something or someone.

Maggie Choo

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (11)

Boasting a typical share-style menu with both larger and small portions, the menu at Maggie Choo is everything you’ve ever wanted from hawker-style fare and more. Between the banquet menus and the vegan menus, plus the plethora of choices for both, we promise you will not go hungry. If you’re anything like us, you might actually go home too full to move. Think: salmon sashimi tacos, Indonesian fritters, Kingfish sashimi, oysters; it’s all here and it is delicious.

Social Eating House

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (12)

Located on glittering Oracle Boulevard, Social Eating House is definitely not somewhere to go for a quick bite, for the simple reason you would not be doing it justice. In 2021 Social Eating House underwent some major renovations and has aluxe new look, complete with an upgraded kitchen and bar, new intimate fine dining space and jaw-dropping interior details. Hands down, this one of the absolute best restaurants on the Gold Coast—this unassuming and unpretentious two chef-hatted bistro sets a culinary bar that other restaurants can only aspire to. Come for Social Eating House’s legendary 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder, followed by the most exquisite desserts in town and washed down with orgasmic espresso martinis.

Koi Lounge And Dining

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (13)

The OG dining hotspot amongst Broadbeach’s top restaurants, Koi Lounge and Dining is where locals and visitors collide. Unabashedly bold and glittery, this buzzing alfresco corner restaurantis legendary for catering to all palates and dishes up an impressive array of bites, with an emphasis on premium local produce. Start small with burrata and pickled zucchini, then progress to wagyu beef ragu pappardelle and crispy pork belly with celeriac puree and apple jus. It’s simply impossible to leave here not feeling satisfied and full.

The Cuban

16 Of The Best Broadbeach Restaurants For Your Next Date Night (14)

If vibrantfood in a atmospheric, playful venueis your thing, you need to dine at The Cuban in Broadbeach. As the name suggests, the Cuban brings traditional Cuban cuisine, albeit with some modern twists, to the Gold Coast. Some must-try dishes include the Paella Cubana, Ropa Vieja and share-style tapas, all finished with delectable desserts and authentic Cuban cocktails.

Double Zero

Double Zerotakes a very traditional approach to their craft, creating pizza exactly as they are made at their birthplace in Naples, Italy; which of course means an authentic wood-fired oven, traditional cheeses and true Italian flavours. So it’s no surprise they’re certified by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana as one of Australia’s most authentic Italian pizzerias. It’s an impressive feat indeed and good reason to hop in and tryDouble Zero’sgenuine Napoletana creations for yourself.

Moo Moo Wine Bar & Grill

If you love a juicy steak, then should be your go-to restaurant, regardless of the occasion. With its stunning modern interior decor of natural stone finishes, sleek organic curves and state of the art lighting system, this steak restaurant has evolved. Enjoy a cheese plate and oysters while overlooking Broadbeach’s Victoria Park, followed promptly by one of Moo Moo’s signature steaks. If cocktails are your style, an apple vineyard bellini or espresso caramel margarita is a must. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best steak restaurants in Broadbeach, well, you’ve found it.

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Image Credit: Brooke Darling,Hayley Williamson,Kaitlin Maree& Supplied


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